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Credit Card Debt & Bankruptcy

Southern California Credit Card Debt Lawyers Since 1970

Credit card debt can normally be discharged in bankruptcy. However, if a credit card company believes its debt arose by virtue of some sort of fraud or abuse, the credit card company may file a timely complaint in the bankruptcy proceeding to determine whether its debt ought to be nondischargeable.

Attorney Jeffrey Hagen is a certified bankruptcy lawyer, helping debtors in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. While he does not negotiate with creditors to reduce credit card payments, he will help you file bankruptcy to achieve debt relief. He will protect your interests in Bankruptcy Court, when necessary, and challenge creditor complaints against your bankruptcy filing. Contact the Law Offices Of Hagen & Hagen in Woodland Hills, California, to schedule a consultation with him.

What To Expect From Creditors

If there is a question of credit card abuse, the creditor will try to convince the bankruptcy judge that one of three types of credit card abuse occurred:

  • The debtor increased credit card debt in the weeks or months prior to filing the bankruptcy petition, knowing that he or she would soon be filing bankruptcy and therefore had no intention of repaying such charges.
  • The debtor had so much existing debt and so little income at the time the charges were made that the debtor lacked a realistic basis for believing that he or she would be able to repay such charges.
  • The debtor used false financial information to obtain credit or to increase his or her credit.

If the creditor initiates a timely challenge and successfully convinces the bankruptcy judge that abuse is present, the Chapter 7 discharge will not include that credit card debt.

If you have substantial credit card debt and you want to end creditor harassment, please contact the Law Offices Of Hagen & Hagen today to arrange your no-charge initial consultation with a Southern California bankruptcy lawyer. Attorney Jeffrey Hagen will help you file bankruptcy to discharge your credit card debt.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.