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San Fernando Valley Bankruptcy and Divorce Attorney

It's no wonder that divorce and bankruptcy often go hand in hand. Financial stress and disagreements are some of the greatest contributing factors to the dissolution of a marriage. After divorce, new financial hardships may arise, including the need to make ends meet on only one income.

At the Law Offices Of Hagen & Hagen, we have worked with many people throughout Southern California who were having serious financial difficulties during or after a divorce. We have also helped countless individuals to discharge their debts and gain a fresh start through filing bankruptcy.

Trustworthy Guidance When Divorce And Bankruptcy Intersect

Both divorce and bankruptcy involve their own separate sets of laws and issues. When these two areas of the law intersect, many divorcing couples have questions such as:

  • Will bankruptcy discharge my spousal support obligations?
  • Do I still need to pay child support if I file bankruptcy?
  • Can just one spouse file bankruptcy without involving the other spouse?
  • If I'm facing foreclosure, will a divorce affect my home equity?
  • How does joint debt division work if we file bankruptcy?
  • If I am ordered to pay my former spouse as part of the asset division process, can I discharge that debt in bankruptcy?

No matter the concerns you may have, our attorney is well equipped to address them. He not only has decades of experience in bankruptcy matters, but he is also certified as a specialist in personal and small-business bankruptcy law by the California Board Of Legal Specialization.

Talk To An Experienced LA County Joint Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have questions about San Fernando Valley bankruptcy and divorce, attorney Jeffrey Hagen can answer them in a free no charge in-person or by-phone initial consultation. Call the Law Offices Of Hagen & Hagen at 818-305-6452 or contact our lawyer online.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.